EFUN™ NextBook PREMIUM 7 Android Tablet 7 inch Capacitive Multi-Touch-Google Android OS 2.3-Capacitive Touch-Kobo-Cortex-A8 1GHz

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This 7 TFT Android OS 23 Capacitive screen tablet can meets your needs well The 7 inch android tablet runs Google Android 23 download any application you want from Android Market and customize your touch screen tablet PC to make it exclusively yours With Ebook reader function hold an entire library in your palm enjoy reading with the Android 23 tablet Supports WiFi you can easily surf the internet anytime anywhere with this touch screen Android 23 tablet Besides the touch screen Android 23 tablet is with bu

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  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet
  • Android, 23, Tablet, Capacitive, Screen, Tablet, 7, inch, Android, Tablet

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                                try{FB.init({appId : '110749355660180',status:true,cookie:true,xfbml: true});}catch(e){} Crystal Clear Capacitive Touch Screen Android 2.3 Tablet Compact and sleek – It’s better than ever! The Nextbook Premium7 Tablet ranks 1st in sales among all the Tablet PCs on DinoDiret, and so far the sales quantity has reached about 3,000. Customers who bought this Tablet PC are from all over the world. As one of the latest Tablet PCs of the E-FUN, the Premium7 Tablet carries the Google Android 2.3 system, applies the Cortex A8 CPU, and is provided with 512M memory. It supports WIFI and external SD card of maximum 8GB. The Premium7 Tablet is designed with a capacitive touch screen, with the screen resolution of 800*480 Google Android OS 2.3 WIFI & SD card compatible Embedded BookStore App 7" TFT Capacitive Display Android 2.3 Tablet 800 x 480 High Resolution Android 2.3 Tablet Built-in 4GB Memory Storage Built-in G sensor The 7 inch Android Tablet is preloaded with 25 Free eBooks Built-in Speaker SD/MMC Card Slot for Memory Expansion MP3 & Photo Viewer For the purpose of helping customers to make better choices, Products Evaluating Engineers of DinoDirect carry out a deep unpack evaluation specially for the Nextbook Premium7 Tablet. In order to help our customers know this product more comprehensively, we specially commissioned our colleagues of Warehouse Management Department to pack this product in the most practical way. To simulate the situation when customers receive the product, we also achieved a long-distance delivery of this package, presenting you the real scene to the greatest degree. We are going to introduce you a real Nextbook Premium7 Tablet. External Packing. After a long-distance delivery of nearly 3,000 kilometers, the external packing is still in good condition and even very clean. To better present you the original external packing, we carefully tear down the delivery information sticker on it. Unpacking Picture. The inside space is full of thick bubble bags. As this Tablet PC is comparatively small in size, we use a carton box of small size, and after the product is put in, basically there is no space for shaking. It is indeed well protected. Taking out the product from the cartoon box, you can see that there are one Premium 7 host machine, one delicate Chinese knot gift, and one $5 Gift Card. Packaging boxes of the host machine from different angles. You can see that the box is very delicate, with the size similar to that of the external packaging box of Apple IPAD. Items in the host machine box after unpacking it. There is one host machine, one charger which can be applied to power supply of 110V-240V, one dismountable plug, one suede protective casing of the host machine and several user manuals. These are host machine and hprotective casing, and the yellow one is h protective sticker. Condition after the yellow sticker is torn down. Let's take a look at the thickness. It is thinner than a ball pen. Comparison with I cent coin It feels very lightweight, and is about 10 - 20 grams lighter than APPLE IPAD 2. All ports are at the bottom, including charging port, MINI USB port, power switch, 3.5MM headset jack, and SD card jack. What we have to mention is that the SD port is a little big, therefore it is easy to get dirt accumulated in daily life. And it will be better if there is a plastic cover plate. We expect that the latest E-FUN Tablet PC will take this into account. Below the main screen, you can see four touch-keys which are respectively search key, Homepage key, function key, and backspace key. Applying touch-keys can avoid the occurrence of physical buttons failure and damage after a long time use, but potential fault of touch-keys also cannot be ignored. Among nearly 3,000 sold Tablet PCs, we have not yet received related complaints. Therefore, in this respect, we can see that the EFUN is very confident in boldly applying the touch-keys. Backend of the Tablet PC. The left hole and the right hole are speakers of the inside case. Here we have to say that the piano baking varnish is really good-looking, in spite of the fact that it is very easy to be contaminated by fingerprint, and there is now much fingerprint of mine on the back of the Tablet PC after the test just now. And this problem has not been better solved even for IPAD 2. Below the serial No., there is a small hole which is the Reset button for hardware reset, and the Tablet PC can be restarted after inserting a small paper clip or sewing needle. The static evaluation is finished now. Our evaluating engineers once used Apple IPAD, IPAD 2, Moto Xoom with the same Android system, Lenovo Le Pad, and many Tablet PCs manufactured by unknown manufacturers. Compared to them, Nextbook P7 is a little lower in performance than the two leaders in this field---IPAD 2 and XOOM; however, DinoDirect is much lower in price than IPAD 2 and XOOM with the sale price of below $150, thus there is basically no comparability in this respect. When compared to second line products like Le PAD, Nextbook P7 is no less advanced in the performance, system and compatibility. And when compared to PAD products from unknown manufacturers, P7 completely surpasses them. Especially for the product quality problem concerned by the PAD target customers, P7 reaches a higher standard in the processing level, quality of accessories, fineness of the packaging, complete extent of system software, after-sale services and other respects. Starting Up Picture. To preserve the battery life, battery of a new mainframe has no electric quantity, thus it needs to be charged before use. The clear fingerprint is still the puzzle, and you have to clean it frequently. The status light is on the left of the bottom, “red” means that it is still in charge, and “yellow” means that the charging is finished. Here one point in application has to be mentioned, that screen brightness of the P7 is the lowest brightness under the default status, and it can be adjusted according to your requirements after entering the setup interface. Operation interface of the EBOOK. It is very similar to the EBOOK interface of IPAD. Setup Interface. Basically system of the P7 is the original Andoird system, and the E-FUN does not add some unnecessary interfaces or functions based on original system. Thus it is more convenient for later upgrade of the system, and we do not have to write a large quantity of device drivers after the new system is updated. WIFI Connection Interface. After connecting the WIFI, signal icons will automatically appear on the top. It applies the MINI wireless router of Tplink, and after passing through two walls, it can receive one case signal. The signal receiving is good. Visit www.dinodirect.com with the built-in browser, you can see that the color expression and the page integrity are the same as the browse on computer PC. When the two fingers zoom, both the Zoom Out and the Zoom In functions of the page are smooth. Good support to FLASH is the advantage of Android system, and it surpasses PAD in the convenience degree in this respect. Use standard music player to directly play the music, and you can hear that the sound is very loud. Even level place it on the desk, the rear speaker sound effect of the P7 is still very loud and clear. However, for the music loud speaker function of the Tablet PC, you’d better not expect too much. Even for the IPAD, it is also just clear in sound. Picture when compared with the iphone 4. The color rendition is excellent. The system photo album. After click the photos, I am so surprised at the excellent color rendition. Though it is limited by the screen resolution and cannot be compared to first-line brands like IPAD or XOOM in details, it is objectively good enough. After all, price of one IPAD 2 is equal to that of four Nextbook Premium7s, and nearly everyone in the family can have one Nextbook Premium7. Mode of photo album. It is so cool! Homepage under the state of horizontal screen. After connecting the WIFI, it automatically reads the local weather and time. After connecting to the USB port. System information. Model number is the Next7P version 2.3.1. About the software installation, we have to tell you that system of the NEXTBOOK P7 does not carry the GOOGLE Marketing. If it is required, you may download the GOOGLE Marketing and install it by yourself, and you may download other Marketing like the Amazon APP Store. When install the software, you need to open the limit in installing software of unknown source. The application evaluation is over now. The P7 substantially preserves the original Android system, and there is no specialty in use; If you have experience in using cell phone with the Android system or Tablet PC, you can use the P7 immediately. Compatibility, usability and openness are originally the selling-point of the Android system. In this regard, we are glad to see that the E-FUN does not carry out the unnecessary secondary development for the Android system as some manufacturers did, and it preserves the greatest pleasure of using the Android system, that is “tossing about”. Fruit Ninja is a very popular game on the IOS platform and Android platform, and also is one that requires excellent performance of mainframe. Fruit Ninja of the Android version is free, and there are ads on the top right corner which will not interfere with the use of game. For the application of the Fruit Ninja, the most important testing point is the multipoint touch function. I am very surprised to find that multipoint touch function of the P7 is far beyond my imagination; we can use all our five fingers at the same time, while the Lenovo Le PAD only supports four-point. ANGRY BIRDS is also a game which is popular worldwide. Color and multifarious graphics of this game are a huge challenge for the display module and the CPU module of Tablet PC. The old model Tablet PC is very difficult to run this game smoothly, but the P7 is completely easy for this and no matter the flying or striking of birds is very smooth, with no occurrence of pause and stagnation. This is the gameplay evaluation. On the whole, the P7 is a perfectly Time- Killer. Games that the Android 2.3 system supports can also installed and ran by P7them. Even for the large-scale car race games, it is able to handle it perfectly. The only disadvantage is that there is both good and bad software of the Android system on the market, thus the user shall choose it carefully. Fortunately, the P7 is not a cell phone, and you do not have to worry about different kinds of fee deduction. According to the result of above three evaluations, you can see that this P7 is an economical, practical and cost-effective Tablet PC with Android platform. It performs excellent in many respects, but the price is reasonable. No matter for your parents or kids, or for yourself, this one certainly can meet your daily needs. You deserve to own such an excellent Tablet PC. Specifications: CPU Based on Cortex A8 Main CPU frequency: 1GHz RAM 2 x 256MB DDR OS Android 2.3 Hardware IBM PC or computable PC Memory Card Type SD card, 1GB,2GB,4GB(SDHC),8GB(SDHC) Operation System Windows 2000XP/Vista/Windows 7/Linus2.4/MAC OS 10.6.7above Interface USB2.0 high speed SD 3.5MM Earphone Connection Agreement WIFI (802.11) G-sensor Support 360 rotation E-Book file format PDF,EPUB,TXT,FB2,PDB,RTF Photo Format JPEG,BMP, GIF, PNG Audio Format MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC Video Format AVI, 3GP, MP4, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, MOV, VOB, DAT, WMV Read speed 8.8MB/S Write speed 3.0MB/S Battery Charge Time About 5 hours Display 7.0inch TFT LCD Package Included: 1 x Premium7 Multimedia tablet 1 x AC Power Adapter 1 x USB Cable 1 x Protective Pouch 1 x User's Manual

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