Angry Birds Style Earphone Headset for Cell Phone /iPad /MP3

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You will be satisfied with these iPad EarphonesJust look at the pattern on the iPad earphones have you ever recognized that they are the angry birds pattern How cute they are They can recall your memory of the game named Angry Birds Bright yellow color of the iPad earphones will let you stay at a happy mood With this pair of iPadearphones you will enjoy the beautiful music at anytime and anywhere This pair of earphones will provide you good quality sound and super bass sound This kind of earphones is fit fo

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  • Cell, Phone, iPad, MP3Earphone, Headse, Angry, Birds, Style
  • Cell, Phone, iPad, MP3Earphone, Headse, Angry, Birds, Style
  • Cell, Phone, iPad, MP3Earphone, Headse, Angry, Birds, Style
  • Cell, Phone, iPad, MP3Earphone, Headse, Angry, Birds, Style
  • Cell, Phone, iPad, MP3Earphone, Headse, Angry, Birds, Style

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                                try{FB.init({appId : '110749355660180',status:true,cookie:true,xfbml: true});}catch(e){} Specifications: There are ear cushions on these cell phone Earphones which can bring your ears comfort These cell phone Earphones provide you super bass sound You can enjoy the music with these iPad Earphones anytime It is quite light and portable for you to carry them around This is a non-OEM product Color: Yellow Details: There are different colors of cushions which you can choose for your iPad Earphones You can see the line of the cell phone Earphones is long enough Angry birds patterns make the cheap earphones become so cute These earphones are fit for your cell phone and iPad How to Compare Earphones:Comparing and contrasting earphones can be a difficult process, when you consider the wide variety made available to the public. A pair of earphones can be purchased for $5 or for $50, vastly differing in fit, style and quality. To choose the right pair of earphones, you must first narrow down your field of choice, thus limiting yourself only to a certain style and price range. Then you can make your choice on the basis of the quality of the earphones. Narrow your search field. Determine whether you want ear buds, earphones that insert into your ear, or headphones, that wrap around your ear, isolating outside sound. Additionally determine a spending limit, as headphones and ear buds can both be expensive Compare by brand. Different brands place emphasis on different areas of quality, often making your decision slightly easier when you know a little more about the brand. For instance, Bose is a brand name known for placing an emphasis on the quality of sound in its headphones, while Dr. Dre is often a brand that produces more stylish headphones with a lesser sound quality Consider the function for which you aim with your earphones. If you are planning to use your earphones while exercising, ear buds may be your best quality choice. If you are a music connoisseur and want only the highest quality sound, headphones may be the better choice How to Wear Earphones Properly:Earphones allow you to listen to your favorite music on the go without disturbing others. The three main types of earphones include over-ear, on-ear and in-ear or insert-ear. Each type of earphone comes with its own advantages and risks pertaining to hearing loss. Wearing your earphones properly won't necessarily eliminate these risks but can create a more enjoyable music experience. Untwist your insert earphones and identify which side is right and left by finding the "R" and "L" symbols on each ear bud. Place the bud snugly inside the entrance of your ear canal. Repeat the insertion process on the other side. Although the insert earphones allow the most flexibility and privacy of the earphone styles, they are also considered the most detrimental to your hearing, as reported by a 2009 study at the Masan Samsung Hospital in South Korea. Hold each side of your on-ear earphones and gently pull the headband apart until it's large enough to slide over your head. If the headband is too small or too large, remove the earphones and slide the adjustable side tabs up or down as necessary. Move the tabs upward to make the headset smaller and pull them downward to make it larger. The top of the headband should be on top of your head, bridging the two earphones. Because on-ear earphones go over the outer part of your ear, they are considered somewhat less damaging. The drawback to this type of earphone is that they are less likely to stay in place while exercising and can become wet with perspiration on the outer layer of foam Pull apart the headband to your over-ear headphones and adjust the side tabs until each earphone rests comfortably on the outside of your ear. Unlike the previous two models of earphones, the over-ear variety cups the perimeter of your ear like a sound cave. Professional musicians and recording artists often use this type of headset for the complete musical immersion the earphones offer. The downside to over-ear headsets is they eliminate nearly all external noise, making them unsafe to use outside where you might not hear oncoming traffic or someone approaching behind you Package Included: 1 x Pair of Earphones

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