New 10-120 x 80 Zoom Sakura binoculars


New 10120 x 80 Zoom Sakura binoculars

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  • New, 10120, x, 80, Zoom, Sakura, binoculars
  • New, 10120, x, 80, Zoom, Sakura, binoculars
  • New, 10120, x, 80, Zoom, Sakura, binoculars
  • New, 10120, x, 80, Zoom, Sakura, binoculars
  • New, 10120, x, 80, Zoom, Sakura, binoculars


                                Product Details:The Zoom Binoculars offers the added advantage of enjoying multiple magnifications in a single binoculars. With variable zoom, you can capture a panoramic view at low power, target in on your object and then zoom in to a higher power to capture the fine details. The zoom mechanism on the binoculars is smooth and easy to operate with a flick of the lever. It's like having many binoculars in one! Versatility, convenience and tenacity put Gladiator in an arena by themselves.Maintenance storage:1. Because the lens and the prism etc. are adjusted accurately, if it drops or is hit, the center will be made with excursion, the field of vision will not be matched and the picture will deflect, please use it with care.2. When the lens is dusted, please wipe its surface slightly with clean duster or lens cloth.3. If the lens is polluted with oil like objects, such as fingerprint etc, please wipe it with lens cleaner.4. Please make sure to store it at the place with no moisture and put dryer with; besides this, it shall be solarized at the place with good ventilation.5. After using it on beach or on ship where there is without any treatment, wipe it slightly with dried cloth after wiping salt off it with completely twisted duster cloth wetted.6. Please don't use chemicals to clean the outside surface for it will sometimes make the outside surface deteriorate if the chemicals are used.7. Please don't let it be wetted or drop into water. If it drops into water, please repair it by dissembling it as quickly as possible.Warning:Please don't look at the sun absolutely. If you look at the sun, your eyes may be ache and blind sometimes.Notice:In order to protect your eyes, synthetic rubber can be used the places that contact the eyes. The rubber contains the matter may cause allergy, people who has rubber allergy will sometimes get eczema or macula, please use it after consulting doctor. Don't put it in the sun. there is the possibility to cause fire by the action between lens and the sun.Package Includes:1 x 10-120 x 80 Zoom Sakura binoculars

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