Instructions to generate feed

  • publisher => Name your your website. *required
  • build_date => Date and Time of build xml feed *required
  • products => a collection of product *required
  • product => information about a product *required
  • sku => primary key of product *required
  • url => the url for the product *required
  • title => the title of the product *required
  • keywords => the keywords comma-separated to find the product *required
  • description => the small description of product *required
  • price_usd => the price of one unit in dollars *required
  • description_large => the large description of product *required
  • color => the colors comma-separated of product *optional
  • height_in => height dimension in inch *optional
  • height_cm => height dimension in centimeter *optional
  • width_in => width dimension in inch *optional
  • width_cm => width dimension in centimeter *optional
  • length_in => length dimension in inch *optional
  • length_cm => length dimension in centimeter *optional
  • weight_oz => weight of product in inch *optional
  • weight_g => length of product in centimeter *optional
  • stock => has stock of product [0=no, 1=yes] *optional
  • warehouse => whats warehouse comma-separated it´s available *optional
  • star_number => users average rate of product [integer number: 0 to 5] *optional
  • review_number => users total review of product [integer number: 0 to 5] *optional
  • category => categories/departments comma-separated of the product *required
  • release_date => release date of the product *required
  • images => a collection of images *required
  • image => image of product *required
  • src => the url of product image*required
  • alt => the alternate text for the image *optional
  • type => the type of image [0=thumbnail image, 1=large image]*optional
  • relateds => a collection of related products *required
  • related => product related *required
  • related_sku => primary key of product related *required
  • related_url => the url for the product related *required

See below a example feed

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <publisher>Your Company Name</publisher>
    <build_date>Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:24:48 GMT</build_date>
            <title>Large Size Christmas Cards with Envelope-Christmas Bells/ Green(4-Pack)</title>
            <keywords>Christmas, SuppliesChristmas, Decorations, Christmas, Craft, SuppliesArtificial</keywords>
            <description>Environmentally friendly- Ideal for Christmas wish card- Materials</description>
            <description_large>Large Size Christmas Cards with EnvelopeChristmas Bells Green4Pack for sale at cheap wholesale prices with fast free shipping Buy Large Size Christmas Cards with EnvelopeChristmas Bells Green4Pack at priceangelscom also sale on tricky toyscheap tricky toys small tricky toys tricky kid toysholiday gifts tricky toys on salejoke toysfestival suppliesfestival itemsparty suppliesparty products</description_large>
            <category>Hobbies & Toys,Joke & Monsters,Christmas Supplies</category>
                    <alt>Large Size Christmas Card<alt>
                    <alt>Large Size Christmas Card<alt>
                    <alt>Large Size Christmas Card<alt>